Jennifer Nielsen Joins Bridging as Director of Programs and Services

Client News!

Our client Bridging welcomes Jennifer Nielsen as its new Director of Programs and Services.

Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in education and non-profit program management. She has served as Director of Programs at CommonBond Communities, and before that as Associate Director of the Anti-Defamation League in Chicago. She started her career in the public school system in both Minnesota and Chicago.

Jennifer has an extensive background in operations management, program development and evaluation, volunteer management, staff development, and training. At Bridging, she is responsible for client services, warehouse operations, individual volunteers, and logistics. She has a passion for working with others to solve problems, create inclusivity, and reduce barriers to housing stability.

We look forward to hearing great things from Jennifer and thank the team at Bridging for their partnership in a successful search outcome.


Welcome Devoreaux Walton as Our New Director of Business Development

The DEJ Group is very proud, honored, and excited to welcome Devoreaux Walton to our firm as our first Director of Business Development. She will be spearheading our efforts to expand into new markets and build strong relationships with new clients to drive business growth.

Devoreaux Walton is a thought leader, speaker, consultant, and diversity recruiting expert. Her passion lies at the intersection of equity, diversity, inclusion, and recruitment – focused on bringing humanity back to hiring. Devoreaux leverages her experience in recruitment, diversity, marketing, and sales from Google, IBM, and other startups when creating modern solutions to persistent problems.

A proud southern belle, she is a Spelman College graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Washington University in St. Louis graduate with a master’s degree in Business Administration, and also holds an Inclusion and Diversity certificate from Yale University.

Devoreaux is honored to serve as a member of both Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and the Association of Junior Leagues International. When she isn’t working, Devoreaux enjoys international travel and interior design styling.

She currently resides in Nashville, TN with her Maltipoo daughter, Nyla. We are excited to have Devoreaux on board and know that their expertise will help take our firm to the next level. Please join us in giving Devoreaux a warm welcome!


The Effects of Layoffs on the Job Market

In a time when many companies are struggling, layoffs have become an unfortunate but necessary consequence. For recruiters, hiring managers and job applicants, it can be difficult to navigate the changing job market. So how does a company layoff affect the job market and what should recruiters, hiring managers and candidates do in response? Let’s explore.

Recruiter Response to Layoffs
When layoffs occur, recruiters have to adjust their strategies accordingly. Companies may find themselves with a large number of open positions that need to be filled quickly. This can mean that recruiters need to adapt their recruitment process by shortening the timeline for filling positions or opening more roles for remote work. They also need to be aware of the potential influx of applications from recently laid-off employees who are looking for new jobs as soon as possible.

Hiring Managers in a Layoff Period
The hiring process is often disrupted during layoffs as well. Hiring managers have to consider not only how they can fill the new openings created by layoffs but also how they can make sure those openings are filled with qualified talent. Hiring managers must focus on finding candidates with the right skillset, which may require them to look outside their usual pool of applicants or shift their approach when searching for candidates. It is also important for hiring managers to stay up-to-date on industry trends in order to ensure they hire employees who will best fit their organization’s needs now and in the future.

Candidates After Layoffs
Candidates who were laid off due to no fault of their own should not be discouraged if they are unable to land a role immediately after being laid off—it can take some time for the job market to recover from layoffs and there may still be more openings than applicants available until then. It is important for candidates who were laid off due to no fault of their own that they stay positive and remain proactive when searching for new jobs—they should use this time wisely by updating their resumes, brushing up on interview skills and taking advantage of any free online courses or webinars that could help them stand out among other applicants.

In conclusion, layoffs can have far-reaching impacts on both companies and individuals alike. Recruiters, hiring managers and jobseekers should all be aware of how these changes could potentially impact them—whether it’s through adjusting recruitment strategies or preparing resumes—so they are better equipped to navigate this ever-changing job market landscape during these challenging times. With the right knowledge and preparation, everyone involved can come out of this period stronger than ever before!


Robert Doty Joins the Science Museum as CFO

The DEJ Group is proud to announce that Robert Doty has been selected to become the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Museum Infrastructure for the Science Museum of Minnesota.

We appreciate the opportunity to lead this nationwide search and thank Juliette Francis, SPHR, SHRM-SCP and Alison Rempel Brown for their partnership and support which led to a successful result.

Mr. Doty starts his new responsibilities on September 6th and we wish him the very best as he joins a fantastic team positioned for tremendous growth.


Michael Johnson Joins The Partnership Academy as Their New Executive Director

The DEJ Group is proud to announce that Michael Johnson will be joining our client, Partnership Academy, as its new executive director!

MJ – Michael Johnson is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has been a school leader in Massachusetts for the past three years. In 2014, she earned a Master’s Degree in School Leadership at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She currently serves as an Assistant Principal for Middle School STEM at KIPP Academy Lynn, Massachusetts, and is a consultant for schools looking to implement data-driven academic intervention.

During an intense interview process at Partnership Academy, including students, educators, equity leaders, administrators, and board members, Ms. Johnson wowed our team with her humanistic, relational, and equity-driven approach that aligns closely with PA’s values. We are excited for Ms. Johnson to join the PA team to cement a warm, academically engaging, and affirming environment for all scholars.

We thank the Partnership Academy for entrusting The DEJ Group with this critical search and look forward to welcoming “MJ” to the organization with ice cream on July 14th.


Julie Laven Joins the The DEJ Group as Director of Recruiting Operations

The DEJ Group is proud to announce that Julie Laven has joined our team as our new director of recruiting operations. Julie will provide client support for our current searches and lead some of our new search projects in her new role. Julie is a 2022 MBA graduate from the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management. We are very excited to hire graduates from our founder’s alma mater and continue to look for diverse talent to support our growth.

Please join us in welcoming Julie to our growing executive search practice.


New Growth in 2022

The DEJ Group is proud to announce that due to the demand for our search services and the evolving job market we are bringing on a director of recruiting to help with upcoming projects. We are also in talks to bring on a director of operations to help strengthen our infrastructure so we are positioned to provide the best service to all of our clients. Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to working with our new clients in 2022.


Teresa Harrington Joins CommonBond Communities as Director of Human Resources

The DEJ Group is proud to announce that Teresa Harrington will be joining our client CommonBond Communities as their director of human resources.

Teresa brings over 20 years of human resources management experience in a variety of industries including consumer goods, insurance, healthcare, petroleum, manufacturing, service, and consulting. Teresa is well-versed in all functions of human resources having spent concentrated periods of time in talent acquisition, employee relations, leadership development, and inclusion.

Teresa will be joining the CommonBond Communities team on August 2.

We would like to thank Karen Law and the team for trusting our firm with this critical search. We greatly appreciate the collaboration and the opportunity.


Mark Fangmeier Joins Bridging as Development Coordinator

The DEJ Group is proud to announce that Mark Fangmeier will be joining our client Bridging as their new development coordinator.

Mark comes to Bridging with a passion for fundraising and experience with accounting and data management. He earned a BA in Business Administration and an MBA in Nonprofit Management from the University of St. Thomas. Professionally, he began his career in events and fundraising by planning alumni donor engagement at the University of St. Thomas Alumni Association, followed by individual giving and annual fund management at The Bridge for Youth and The Autism Society of Minnesota. Mark is proud of the fact that he worked with many Bridging donors when they called The Bridge for Youth looking to donate their furniture!

Mark is inspired daily by his wife, Lindsay, and two young children, Willemina and Lavin. In his free time, Mark is a home brewer, an avid soccer fan (Go Loons!), and is a co-host of the FiftyFive.One Podcast, a weekly Minnesota soccer podcast.

Mark will be joining the Bridging team on September 7th.

We would like to thank Maggie MauMark Wilkening, and the Bridging team for trusting our firm with this critical search. We greatly appreciate the collaboration and the opportunity.

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