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Making Connections
Is What We Do

We are an executive search and recruiting firm that is completely dedicated to matching the needs of our client organizations to our diverse, top-tier set of experienced candidates. Our job is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute their skills, time, and resources at their workplace.


We are committed to fostering a trusting relationship with our clients and candidates alike.


We abide by a process that creates value for everyone we work with


Our expertise and experience inform every move we make


We get the job done so that you can move forward


How We Started The DEJ Group


Starting Up

Company founder David Edgerton Jr. originally began The DEJ Group as a way to train minority entrepreneurs. Working part-time with a local nonprofit, David created a business development course to help these folks scale their businesses. At the time, he was also teaching MBA night courses at a local business school, where he won an award for teaching.


Inclusive Recruiting

David volunteered his time traveling to HBCUs to recruit candidates for the company he worked for during the day. He worked with the IT department to attract diverse talent from local colleges to the organization, his efforts culminating in the successful placement of a production associate in a new software engineering role thanks to David’s acumen and personal network.


Leading DEI Efforts for a Major Company

David served as the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for a major company. His role gave him the opportunity to engage in diversity recruiting, employee resource network development, and the fostering of an inclusive work environment that appealed to diverse job candidates at the company.


The Birth of a Full-Time Firm

After the onset of the pandemic, David began working independently full-time. He delivered addresses at conferences on minority business development and diverse talent acquisition, sharing the lessons learned from years of experience in the field with hundreds of others looking to improve their own workplaces. This year gave him the opportunity to realize his own vision and invest his time into turning his teaching business into a full-time executive search and recruiting firm. And thus, The DEJ Group was born!

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