7 High-Income Skills You Can Develop During The Pandemic

The world is very different now that more people are working from home, practicing social distancing, and trying to avoid the coronavirus. Many people have been laid off and are trying to figure out what to do next.

This is a perfect opportunity to develop high-income generating skills to help you prepare for future opportunities and to reinvent yourself. Let’s talk about what they are and share a few ideas that you can check out for yourself.


High-income skills are the specific skills that you can develop and cultivate that are in demand across multiple industries that can lead to lucrative opportunities to generate substantial revenue for yourself.  Dan Lok, an entrepreneur I’ve been following and an expert on this subject, states that these skills could potentially result in the ability to generate as much as $10K per month.

Here are 7 skills you should consider and explore while you are home staying safe.


Copywriting is a skill we all could learn and benefit from understanding. This skill involves writing content for emails, landing pages, online ads, and communications for interacting with potential customers.

With more customers and businesses completing more transactions over the Internet, being able to communicate your ideas clearly and persuasively is a skill in high demand.


Helping a company or individual establish an identity online is critical in today’s marketing efforts. Choosing the appropriate tools to use as well as how to use them is something you could learn and offer to organizations.

Companies that utilize traditional marketing can augment their initiative with a social media strategy that you can help them develop. If you like selling, marketing, and social media, this is a skill you could develop.


More people are consuming video from YouTube than from traditional cable networks. It is a tremendous platform to reach and engage with customers. Companies that master leveraging video can position themselves as experts in their fields and do business with preferred brands.

If you are an expert in video creation, editing, and production, you can take advantage of opportunities to work with companies that need a video to help sell their message or advertise a new product.


Audio content is consumed passively on the morning commute or while doing other tasks. With the advancement of telecommunications and availability of bandwidth, it is easier to stream video and audio to many people.

Podcasting is the contemporary implementation of terrestrial radio where listeners can subscribe to shows and have their favorite episodes downloaded to their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Companies are looking for podcasting experts to help them develop a strategy to use this medium to reach new customers and subscribers.

Podcasting is in its early stages, so jump in and learn as much as you can about it. If you are an audiophile or you tinker with recording sound or music, take a serious look at podcasting.


One of the greatest fears on the planet is to get up and speak in front of people. If you have mastered that fear and like to give public speeches and presentations, you could turn that skill into a lucrative opportunity.

Great public speakers are in high demand and their ability to convey their message is something you can learn to do for potential clients.


Michael Jordan, recognized as one of the greatest basketball players on the planet, had a coach. Lebron James, Zion Williamson, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and other famous professional athletes had a coach to help them develop their skills and talents.

If you like helping others achieve their goals, you should consider coaching as a skill to develop. It is not the same as providing training because it involves a slightly different skillset.  You will need to market and sell your ability to help your customer reach their objectives.


Being able to create and facilitate webinars is a great skill to work on at home. Companies leverage webinars to build email lists, introduce products and services, and make sales.

If you have a webcam, a microphone, and access to webinar software, you can create a compelling online experience.


Here are some things for you to consider:

  1. There are many sources you can use to learn these skills. YouTube is a great source of video content
  2. Find projects that provide opportunities to practice your skills. You can build, develop and work on your own side project to gain experience and momentum.
  3. Document your results and learn from them.
  4. If one skill you try doesn’t work, try another. Feel free to explore all of these options to find the one that works for you.