I delivered a workshop on hiring for your startup of small business a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed the feedback from the participants on this topic. We focused on the three things you look for in candidates for the roles in your organization.

  • Knowledge – this is information, data, facts, and content that the person needs to execute the role you are recruiting. Everyone should have foundational knowledge in order to do the job so make sure you find out if a candidate truly knows what they are doing.
  • Skills – these are demonstrated actions that a candidate can present. You want to review the evidence that the candidate can do the work through previous projects or initiatives they have participated that will ensure success in the target role
  • Abilities – these are the unborn innate things that you can’t teach a person that will help them be successful. You can’t teach having a natural curiosity but it may be helpful to have it for the target role. You can’t teach initiative or persistence but you may need the ideal candidate to have that quality. Look for opportunities to evaluate the abilities you need to take the role to the next level – and your business

Let us know if you need help with your hiring process or want to discuss this topic further. We are glad to connect and help you succeed.

Written by David Edgerton Jr
David Edgerton Jr is the Managing Principal of The DEJ Group LLC